About Me

I’m an east coast guy in the land of sun and sand here in southern California. I’m not much of an artist, but I’ve always tried to find a way to scratch that creativity itch when it strikes. Design, illustration, writing, whatever floats my boat at the time, and mostly done for other people. Hey! Coffee’s not free you know. Photography though is something I do for myself. My escape. There are no clients to satisfy or deadlines to meet, and the art of it always holds a sense of magic for me. Reality skewed. A memory made better.

I hope you find some inspiration here, if only just to go out and try something new whether anybody else likes the results or not. Coffee not included.

John Fretz

Cars and cameras are the two things I let myself be materialistic about. I don’t care about other stuff.

– Louis C. K.

Camera Used

Some may be curious about the cameras I shoot with.

Fujifilm X100T
Fujifilm XT2
Nikon F3HP
Ricoh GRII